MIRIMA - Accelerating your business to Success



In today's ever changing technology market, the need to find effective routes to market is now more important than it has ever been. As companies continue to fight for new customers and market share, the ability to establish your business, gain credibility and prove technology leadership in new markets quickly and effectively can mean the difference between success and failure.

Emerging companies often do not have the resourses required in-house to be able to exploit the market opportunities. Whilst they would like to have this resourse full-time, they are not of a size (yet) where they can justify or afford a full-time resourse. We can be an extension to your existing resources, as an alternative to full-time resourse or assisting with your business development.

MIRIMA provides a flexible range of sales, marketing and business development services to entrepreneurs and emerging technology companies.

MIRIMA's resources bring over 30 years of management experience in helping technology companies establish, build and grow their operations in UK and subsequently into Europe. We will enable you to draw upon this expertise to quickly establish, augment or grow your own operations successfully and profitably.

Services offered

  Business Planning, Analysis and Strategy Business Development Establishing an Operational Presence Marketing Planning and Execution Alliance Program Development Access to Funding